Tadodaho Sid Hill, Oren Lyons, and Tom Porter

Hey everyone,

Today’s post is going to be short. I had the opportunity to listen to current Tadodaho Sid Hill give a Thanksgiving Address to and at Onondaga Lake this morning. It was a coordinated effort, coinciding with Suzan Harjo’s “National Sacred Places Prayer Day” in Washington D.C. Present was Onondaga faithkeeper Oren Lyons who gave a short speech afterwards concerning effects of human life upon natural environment. It was a particularly moving talk and one which I had recorded. I did get the chance to meet and speak with Oren after, though, and we will both attempt to meet sometime prior to my trip ending.

Tonight I am attending a fundraiser benefit for the Mohawk community of Kanatsiohareke. Tom Porter will speaking, another man I will attempt to speak to about my topic. In all, it was a very important day in terms of the people met. I’m hoping to work closely with them in my last couple of days here.

I will update tomorrow with any recordings or pictures I can get.

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The Iroquois Indian Museum and Mike Tarbell

Hello everyone,

Today I visited the Iroquois Indian Museum and was able to record my first interview with Cultural Interpreter Mike Tarbell. Mr. Tarbell is Turtle Clan Mohawk and has worked closely with the Iroquois Indian Museum for a number of years. At the museum, Mr. Tarbell presents a Native voice alongside the numerous Haudenosaunee paintings and artifacts, speaking upon their importance within his culture. When not at the museum, Mr. Tarbell, a veteran himself, works with the Wounded Warrior project across the country. Though he does find it hard to pull himself away from the museum, for it has become like his “mother’s home.” After the break, I have included some specific examples pulled from our conversation today.

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