Shawn Wiemann Interview

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Today I am posting my interview with Dr. Shawn Wiemann of Onondaga Community College. Dr. Wiemann’s work has been focused on the Algonquins and Cassacinamon, but provided some insightful quotes on academia and the role of academics in neighborly conversation with Native nations.

  • The need to include Native American influences and voices into history as “relevant…or historically honorable way” of talking about colonial politics.
  • The “multicultural awareness of interaction” in colonial history.
  • The need for historians and academics in these fields to “approach your role as an ally” rather than co-opting.
  • How many academics are doing this for their personal gain. To “not [be] in your ivory tower” but “engaged in these conversations and dialogs” with Native voices.

Without further ado, here are some clips:

The entire interview can be found here:

Shawn Wiemann Interview


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